Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ode to My Hair

So I thought I would be selfish and dedicate a post to my hair. My hair is really really ridiculously curly but I straighten it every day. It's been blonde, black, pink, blue, orange, red, purple, etc... I'm actually very lucky to have hair after all I've put it through.

I used to be a hair model for Paul Mitchell stylists.

Yes, that's my actual hair with just a bit of styling and no curling irons or curlers were used.

I always used to say "I will never be blonde and tan" but all of a sudden, I was both.

I've never really been content with my hair. Every time I get my hair cut and colored, I do something different. Last summer, I started going to a Mario Tricoci Salon. I knew the manager and so my cut and color only cost me $11. I actually have been sticking with the same color and cut but the last time I went I felt really rushed and nothing turned out how I wanted it. The color still seems kinda wrong, the cut wasn't short enough, and I was charged full price ($200, yikes!).

My lovely, lovely friend Jillian, is studying at Pivot Point and texted me last week to see if I wanted to come in for a blow dry and style. I decided to go and get a haircut also. Well, the results were fantastic and it was only $5.50. My hair is so badass now:

So the moral of the story is to find a cosmetology school near you (I know Tricoci University has locations too) and get your haircuts, manicures, facials, etc... there because it is such a good deal and the students do a great job (a professional is there most of the time to guide them and help them, if needed). Looking great makes you feel great, and I know I feel even better when I don't have to pay a lot to look good.

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