Thursday, September 13, 2007


I love hot dogs. If I were a hot dog, I would eat myself...

Tonight we tried Superdawg for the first time. I've lived about 15 minutes from Superdawg my whole life and my Mom and I have talked about going for the past few summers. Tonight we finally decided to try it.

We drove up to the order box and stared at the menu for a while. When we were ready we pressed the button and the operator responded. One plain hot dog for Mom. One hot dog with everything but mustard and some onionchips for me. About 7 minutes after ordering the food came to the car. The total was $12 and some odd amount of change. Yikes, that's pretty steep for 2 hot dogs and some onionchips. But whatever, I was surprised that the gal who brought the food over had my change in ready as soon as I handed her the $13.

We ate the onionchips in the car, they were good but not exceptional. Oh yes, this meal comes just a few hours after I declared that I didn't want to buy anything but organic food anymore. HA! Anyways, I got home and took the pictures and began to eat. The neon green relish was a bit scary but I just covered it with some ketchup. Yeah, that's right, I'm a REAL Chicagoan and I like ketchup on my hot dogs. The fries that came with the hot dog were not good. They tasted like frozen fries bought from the grocery store. As for the dog, I wasn't impressed. I'd take Portillo's or better yet, Gene & Jude's over Superdawg any day. The only thing I would go back for is the old school ordering process.

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