Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some of my favorites

I get kinda selfish when I find stuff I really really like. I know, I should want to share the awesomeness with everyone. It's kinda like when you've had an album for a while and you've loooooved a certain song but no one has heard of it, then BAM! it's being played on the radio and everyone loves it (i.e. The Fray "How to Save a Life", a song I can't even listen to anymore cuz it's been sooooo overplayed). It just kinda ruins the song for me. So that's how I feel about other stuff- blogs, websites, products. BUT I want to promoted these fantastic favorites of mine because they are so phenomenal and make me so happy and maybe they'll make you happy too:

Tastespotting- I check this a few time a day. I have a goal to get one of my pix up on it (that is after I get an actual digital camera instead of the craptastic pix I take with my phone)
The ParTea Planner- I'm trying to start an event planning business and this blog has inspired me to want to specialize in tea parties.
This Next- discovered this when I was in AZ and bored outta my mind in my crappy hotel room
House Party- this idea is genius! I wish I would have thought of it- love love love it! There are so many fun groups to join! So many great ways to meet people!
Pandora Radio- They actually play some good songs when you tell them an artist you like (my first choice: Butch Walker, second: Michael Buble and they gave me other great songs that sound like them)
Celebrity Baby Blog- this has been a favorite of mine for a while. I love how they tell you what celeb babies are wearing and where to find it
Joelen's Culinary Adventures- this gal is awesome, I want to be friends with her! She knows how to cook and photograph her amazing creations (and I joined her group at
Cupcakes Take the Cake- a blog about cupcakes- 'nuff said.

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