Monday, June 18, 2007

Old Town Tortilla Factory

I read about this place before I visited Scottsdale and finally dined there about 2 weeks into my month long stay. The Poblano Mariscos was excellent! It could quite possibly be the greatest dinner I've ever had.

I went back a few nights later with my boyfriend who was visiting me and again I ordered the same dish. The fresh tortillas are different nightly and come with different spreads.

My only problem was that I ordered a french martini that was not so good. The server asked me what was in a french martini. I didn't know if he was inquiring for himself or the bartender. I listed the ingredients to the best of my knowledge (I'm not bartender). I'm guessing he rattled off the list to the bartender and he poured accordingly. My first sip was pure vodka. I gave the drink 3rd and 4th chances to redeem itself but I had no such luck. I wanted to send it back but thought it would embarrass my boyfriend so I simply ordered a virgin peach margarita. It was sooooo good! As was his margarita (we're not tequila fans but this was a great margarita). As for the fate of the french martini, I convinced my boyfriend to drink it and after a few sips, he too agreed that it was not good. When the bill came, it was marked as a "smirnoff martini"- NOOOOOO! They butchered my beloved, but the food is sooooooo great, I'd be back in a heartbeat.

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