Monday, June 18, 2007


This is a call to action.

I am tired of seeing the same talentless faces showing up all over the place. I'm especially talking about certain females who seem to always get photographed without panties or always seem to be the center of controversy.

Ok, if you still don't know who I'm talking about...
Britney Spears
Paris Hilton
Lindsey Lohan
Katie Price aka Jordan

Stop photographing these "ladies". Yo, paparazzi, that means YOU. Don't follow them around anymore.

Britney has zero talent. I saw her live years ago and walked out of the show saying "that was NOT her singing!". Her life is pure corruption and I really wish her well. She had potential to be something but SHE messed that up. SHE made her own decisions. I don't feel sorry for her.

Paris Hilton. I have so much dislike for her. What has she done? I've heard guys (shocking! guys told me this) tell me that she's a smart business woman and she knows what she's doing. Oh so is that why all her business accomplishments are always in the news?

Lohan. I'll admit, I loved The Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Can't really tell ya what else she's been in, yet I can name over 10 guys she's been "linked" to (and by "linked" I mean linked). What an arrogant, selfish little girl. She needs a mom to put her in her place.

Katie Price aka Jordan. I really gave her a chance. I wanted to like her so badly but alas, she too failed me. The latest incident involving her poor blind son getting injured by a falling mirror is just sad. I feel bad for him but it's obvious to me that he wasn't being watched close enough. He was supposedly with the nanny at the time. Where was mommy? I know she's 9 months pregnant but I do believe most pregnant mothers are capable of watching their children. I don't understand.

Do you agree with the list?
Who else should we add?

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