Friday, February 1, 2008

Updates & New Favorites


Golden Rainbow Publishing- A few weeks ago I filled out the handy dandy form on the BBB website about Golden Rainbow and their lovely "customer service". Today I had a voice mail and a message on my answering machine at home from a GR rep saying "I want to speak with you because we've been working on your issues and I'd like to know what else you would like us to do". First off, perhaps you could have called 2.5 months ago when I originally called regarding the issue. Obviously they are just calling now because the BBB scared them. And second, I made it perfectly clear in my letter that I want a full refund. They did not hold up their end of the contract. Refund my money, thanks.
--- AT&T will most likely be the next company to receive a letter. More on that some other time.

This post was super long so don't read the whole thing. Wait, no, read the whole thing. Wow I really do a great job promoting and encouraging people to read my blog. But anyways, I'm working part-time at my Mom's office and I didn't think I would like it, but I do. I was originally brought it to help out with billing but now I've sort of become a graphic designer. Their brochures were way to colorful (they said they spent a lot of money on color ink last year) and are full of errors. My favorite brochure said this:
That was on the cover. How careless can you be? I've realized through all this that my marketing skills don't just apply to the restaurant industry (a belief I've had for a while) but they're universal. I love marketing and I really can apply a lot of things to just about any industry, and even ones I'm not passionate about.

Tuesday night at about 5pm I was called and invited to see Jersey boys at 7:30pm. I wasn't going to go and then realized I would regret it if I didn't go. It was so good! The cast was phenomenal! I've loved Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons for a while and it was fun to see how they got started. As the show started, I got the chills and it reminded me of being backstage and waiting for the curtain to open. I miss that feeling so I think I'm going to have to do something about it.

New Favorites:

Available @ West Elm

There's a good chance that this will be my new bedding. I'm in love with it and even more importantly, it's organic cotton. I haven't decided what color to paint my new room yet but that duvet will go with anything.

Check out Nubby Twiglet's blog. The pictures she takes are phenomenal (see pic above). And she's a fellow Sigg user. I wish I could buy everyone a Sigg... or two.

I am loving Hulu and Youtube right now.

Dot Dot Dot

Bedazzled Bonbons look pretty awesome, but I wonder how good they are...
I wonder if I'll ever update my etsy store with the valentine's cupcake picks I made...

What's the best place to look for hotel/flight prices?
Any Vegas hotel suggestions?

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Nubby said...

Aww, thanks for featuring me in your post! Also, it's good to see that you're a fellow SIGG user. :)

For flights, seems to be good...yay for Vegas. What a fun place to visit!