Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bacon Wrapped Cherry Tomatoes

So simple and beautiful. My mouth is watering just thinking about eating one of these. I have a new found obsession with cooked tomatoes- not tomato sauce but nice, warm tomatoes that hold their shape. Everything tastes better with bacon. EVERYTHING.

Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Cherry Tomatoes


1 pack cherry tomatoes (12 oz)
1 pack bacon (12 oz)
Toothpicks (soak the toothpicks in water for a few hours)
Nanami Togarashi (Japanese assorted chili pepper)

Cut the bacon strip into half-length. Put the cherry tomato towards the end of the bacon strip and wrap tight. Hold the cherry tomato with a toothpick, set aside. Sprinkle some Nanami Togarashi onto the bacon.

Heat up an indoor grill and grill until the bacon turns brown and crisp. For an outdoor grill, use low heat. Serve immediately.

Thanx to this blog for the pic & recipe.

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